Term Specialized Information and Referral
Code TJ-3000.8000
Definition Programs that maintain information about community resources that are appropriate for a specific target group or human services sector (for example, youth programs or addiction services) and which link individuals who are in need of specialized services with appropriate resources and/or which provide information about community agencies and organizations that offer specialized services.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 12/5/05
Use References
See Also References Abortion Referrals (LJ-2000.0100-030)
Adoption Evaluation/Placement (PH-0300.0350)
Aging and Disability Resource Centers (LH-0350)
Attendant Registries (PH-2400.0500)
Babysitting Registries (PH-2400.1000)
Bed and Breakfast Reservations Agencies (PL-8700.8600-100)
Building Code Information (TE-1000.0700-120)
Camp Referrals (PL-6400.1500-100)
Carpooling Programs (BT-4500.4500-153)
Case/Care Management Referrals (PH-2400.1300)
Central Intake/Assessment for Mental Health Services (RP-5000.1400)
Central Intake/Assessment for Substance Use Disorders (RX-0400.1500)
Child Care Provider Referrals (PH-2400.1500)
Consumer Goods Information (BM-1400)
Emergency Food Clearinghouses (BD-1850)
Foster Home Placement (PH-2400.1900)
Health Care Referrals (LH-2600)
Housing Search and Information (BH-3900)
In Home Assistance Registries (PH-2400.3300)
Interpreter/Translator Registries (PH-2400.3350)
Job Information (ND-3500.3500)
Lawyer Referral Services (FT-4800)
Long Term Care Options Counseling (LH-4600)
Military Family Service/Support Centers (TM-5100)
Physical Fitness Referrals (PL-6610)
Reference/Information (TJ-4500.7000)
Respite Care Registries (PH-2400.7000)
School Placement Services (HL-2500.7800)
Senior Housing Information and Referral (BH-8500.8000)
Skills Exchanges/Cooperatives (ND-6400)
Social Prescribing (LH-6300.8020)
Substance Use Disorder Referrals (RX-8470.8600)
Therapy Referrals (RR-8500)
Veterinary Referral Services (PD-9000.9500)
External Classification Terms Information and Referral (Separately Organized) (UW
Information & Referral (NPC P05.17)
Information Services (CAN IS-330)
Information Services (USA IS-330)
Personal Social Services (NTE P50)
Related Concepts Long Term Care
Facet Service
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