Term Nutrition Sciences Research
Code TR-1000.5600
Definition Programs that conduct research which focuses on the utilization of food for human growth and metabolism, in both normal and dysfunctional states, often from the interdisciplinary perspective of the agricultural, human, biological and biomedical sciences.
Created 2/14/07
Changed 8/8/07
Use References Dietetics Research
See Also References Dietitian/Nutritionist Referrals (LH-2600.1740)
Nutrition Assessment Services (LF-4900.6200)
Nutrition Education (LH-2700.6000)
External Classification Terms Biological & Life Science (NTE U50)
Biological & Life Sciences (NPC U02)
General Research (UW
Other Government/Economic Services (CAN OT-600)
Other Government/Economic Services (USA OT-600)
Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis (U) (NTE U05)
Related Concepts
Facet Service
Bibliographic References Classification of Instructional Programs: 2000 Edition, National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, May, 2002, NCES 2002-165.

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