Term Cannabis Use Disorder
Code YF-8000.1800-140
Definition A disorder that is characterized by compulsive use of marijuana, hashish or other cannabis products whose immediate effects include sensory distortions, increased appetite, difficulty with thinking and problem solving and loss of motor coordination. Long term use of large doses can contribute to respiratory infection, impaired memory and exposure to cancer-causing compounds. Symptoms of cannabis use disorder include disruptions in functioning due to cannabis use, development of tolerance and withdrawal symptoms including inability to sleep, restless, nervousness, anger or depression within a week of ceasing heavy use. Heavy marijuana use in youth has also been linked to increased risk for developing mental illness and poorer cognitive functioning. Diagnosis of the disorder is based on evidence of impaired control, risky use and pharmacological criteria as well as negative impacts on social relationships, self esteem, motivation and productivity, work and finances, physical health, memory impairment and legal problems. The drug may be smoked, inhaled using a vaporizer or consumed in an edible form.
Created 2/4/16
Changed 3/26/19
Use References Cannabis Abusers
Hashish Abusers
Hashish Use Disorder
Marijuana Abusers
Marijuana/Hashish Abusers
Marijuana/Hashish Disorder
Marijuana/Hashish Use Disorder
Marijuana Use Disorder
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