Licensing Requirements, Fees and Payments
Subscription Process
Passwords and Security
Reviewing Your Subscriber Profile
Subscription Agreement Provisions

Licensing Requirements, Fees and Payments

Subscription Process

Canadian Subscribers: 211 LA County is partnering with InformCanada to bring the Canadian English and French versions of the 211 LA County Taxonomy to 211 programs, other I&R providers in Canada and other nonprofit, for-profit and public sector organizations that want to use it as an indexing system for their databases. As the representative for the 211 LA County Taxonomy in Canada, InformCanada ( handles Canadian subscriptions and provides French and English editorial support, training, promotion and administration.

The Taxonomy is available to all organizational members of InformCanada at no additional cost. The membership form is available here: To include a Taxonomy subscription in your association subscription, go to Section C "Taxonomy Agreement"; you must first read the Taxonomy Subscription Agreement at the link provided, and then confirm that you have done so by checking the "Yes" box.

People renewing their association subscription who already have a Taxonomy subscription will have their Taxonomy subscription extended for an additional year as part of the process. First time subscribers are entered into the Taxonomy system by InformCanada, and once 211 LA County is notified of their status, 211 LA County will let them know when their subscription has been activated and is available for use.

InformCanada can also process subscriptions for non-members of the association. All inquiries are welcome at

New Subscriptions Process - U.S. Subscribers Only
Our FAQ on Subscriber API Activity can be viewed here.

Information Verification: Please note that any information you provide in connection with obtaining a subscription (including nonprofit status) may be verified and your subscription may be placed on hold or terminated in the event that there are inaccuracies or discrepancies.

Subscription Renewals: If you are a current subscriber (i.e., have time left on your subscription), or if your subscription has expired, please follow the directions below to renew your subscription:

  1. Logon to the Taxonomy Web site with your username and password.

  2. Click on the link to your profile at the top of the Home page. The site will take you to your profile.

  3. Click on the "Subscribe or Renew Subscription" link towards the bottom of the page. The site will take you to the page where you can select your payment option. DO NOT take out a new subscription or you will end up with two, one of which is current, the other expired!

  4. Pay for your subscription renewal following the directions in the "Subscription Process" section above. A full year will be added to the time you have remaining on your current subscription.

Lapsed Subscriptions: If you allow your subscription to lapse and do not renew it within a specified period of time, your access to the website functions will be terminated. You may want to check the status of your subscription periodically. Log onto the site and click on your name at the top of the page to display your profile. Information about when your subscription will expire is included near the bottom of the page.

Cancellations/Refunds: No refunds are available. If, as a subscriber, you wish to cancel your subscription to the Taxonomy website, you can either send an email message to (with the subject line of "Subscription Cancellation") or allow your subscription to lapse.

Passwords and Security

Make a note of your password and keep it handy. You will be asked to log in again periodically. Simply type your password and write "YES" next to "Subscription Agreement" indicating your willingness to comply with the Taxonomy Subscription Agreement. You will also see a message telling you how long your login will remain valid. If you forget your password, click on the button "Forgot your password?" and the system will send you an email assigning you a temporary password. You have the option of changing the password the system has assigned. Click on "Please visit the following link to change your password now" in your email notification and enter the password you wish to use. All staff within your organization may use the same username and password, but under no circumstances are you to share this information with people outside your organization. To do so would constitute a violation of the Taxonomy Subscription Agreement.

Reviewing Your Subscriber Profile

Make sure to visit your subscription profile often and keep the information current. If the original contact person for the subscription leaves and you don’t update the information, it will be difficult for 211 LA County to manage your subscription properly. Likewise, make sure your address and telephone information are correct. You can access your profile anytime by clicking on your underlined name at the top of the page next to the "Log Out" button. You can view current information about yourself, your organization and the status of your Taxonomy subscription. If you need to make a change, click on the "Edit" button. Of course, you are free to change your password at any time.

Subscription Agreement Provisions

As a licensed Taxonomy subscriber, you have agreed to observe the provisions of the Taxonomy Subscription Agreement document. Two of the provisions from the agreement are of enough interest to be highlighted on the website (see the sections below). Refer to the October 12, 2009 Subscription Agreement currently on the website for other restrictions that apply. Click here to access the document: Subscription Agreement: NOTE: To be in compliance with the terms of the agreement, you must replace your existing agreement whenever a revision is issued.

Other Language Label Translations: As a licensed subscriber, you are authorized to translate into another language the "label" for Taxonomy terms that you have used to index health and human services information and resources in the your database, solely to the extent reasonably necessary for the community served by your I&R service and your database provided that:

  1. The Label Translations are made and used solely in the "Alternative Term Name", "Display Name" or similar label field of the software system you are using and do not alter the Taxonomy installation or data file itself; and

  2. The Label Translations are only for use by you as part of your database and directory to the same extent that the original Taxonomy terms are used.

Copyright Statement: If the Taxonomy, or any portion of the Taxonomy (including its terms, codes, definitions or references), are utilized in a Subscriber Directory that is published, transmitted, distributed or otherwise made available to third parties, by any means or medium, the Subscriber shall prominently display the following notice in such directory:

Copyright © 1983 - 2016, Information and Referral Federal of Los Angeles County, Inc. All rights reserved. The index, codes and definitions of the terms contained herein are the intellectual property of Information and Referral Federal of Los Angeles, Inc. and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. No part of this listing of human services terms and definitions may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electrical, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the Information and Referral Federal of Los Angeles County, Inc.

If the Taxonomy is displayed or otherwise made available in a Subscriber Directory via the Internet, the subscriber shall prominently include a link to a copyright acknowledgement statement that 211 LA maintains online, currently located at: Copyright Acknowledgement Statement.

Privacy Policy. Terms of Use. Contact 211 LA County.

Thank you for your interest in obtaining or renewing your 211 HSIS taxonomy subscription

211 LA is preparing to launch delivery of the 211 Human Services Indexing System (HSIS) (formerly the 211 LA Taxonomy) via an API. The API will enable licensed vendors and licensed users to receive real time updates to the HSIS taxonomy. As part of the transition to delivery via API, the current process of providing an XML download will be retired in January 2024. 211 LA is working with its licensed vendors to enable integration of the API within their applications. We are targeting to have our licensed vendor transition completed by January 2024.

The 211 HSIS website is also being updated. The updates will continue to support the existing filtering functionality and “how-to” guides you enjoy today as well as additional features including enhanced search functionality.

Below is a table summarizing the new subscription tiers related to the Website and HSIS taxonomy:

Below is a table describing some common user situations and highlights the considerations for and impact on your organization with respect to desired functionality and 211 HSIS access.

SituationWhat it means for my organization
Current Subscriber who uses a licensed vendor or does not need to download the XML file
  • You will can renew your subscription at the subscription rates shown above:
  • Your subscription will enable continued use of the HSIS taxonomy through your licensed vendor but you will not be able to download the HSIS taxonomy via XML or PDF as that functionality will be discontinued
  • Once the new Website is available there will be a new online agreement we will ask subscribers to acknowledge
New Subscriber who uses a licensed vendor or does not need to download the XML file
  • You can establish your new subscription at the subscription rates shown above:
  • Your subscription will enable use of the HSIS taxonomy through your licensed vendor but you will not be able to download the taxonomy via XML or PDF as that functionality will be discontinued
  • Once the new Website is available there will be a new online agreement we will ask subscribers to acknowledge
Current or New Subscriber who need access to the HSIS taxonomy and do not/will not use a licensed vendor
  • You will need to become a licensed user to enable access to the HSIS taxonomy API
  • You will need to sign an HSIS taxonomy agreement
  • You will need to integrate your application with the HSIS taxonomy API

  • If you would like access to the HSIS taxonomy sandbox to assist in your development activities, please send your request to the email below to initiate the process to complete a sandbox agreement and provide access to the developer tools:
  • As a licensed user, you will have full access to the Website functionality including access to the APIs
  • If your organization is a 211, Area Agency on Aging (AAA) or a Crisis Line, please reach out to 211 LA at the above email and we can work together on the path to becoming a Licensed User including access to the Sandbox and Production API.

Check out our FAQ on Subscriber API Activity here.

If you have any questions regarding the HSIS taxonomy API and the ongoing transition, please send an email to:

We will continue to provide updates and information regarding the HSIS taxonomy as the transition plans and materials are finalized.

Thank you for your continued support and use of the HSIS taxonomy within the I&R community!!

The 211 HSIS Team